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Dry Mouth
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Answer a few quick questions to find out if you might have a dry mouth or chance of a dry mouth and learn more about this common concern.

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Question 1 of 4:

Does your mouth usually feel dry?


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Question 2 of 4

Do you regularly eat or drink in an attempt to keep your mouth moist?


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Question 3 of 4

Do you regularly get thirsty at night and get out of bed to drink fluids?


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Question 4 of 4

Does your mouth usually become drier when you speak?


Thank you for completing our dry mouth check.

You have signs that indicate that you may have a dry mouth.

Thank you for completing our dry mouth check.

Based on your responses, a dry mouth doesn't currently seem to be a problem for you. If you notice any signs in the future, talk to your dentist or pharmacist about a dry mouth and products that can help, like biotène products.