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Dry Mouth and Saliva

  • What is a dry mouth?

    A dry mouth can describe both the feeling of a dry mouth and the physical reduction in the flow of saliva. A dry mouth can be caused by many things, including: medications, disease, radiation therapy, aging or even stress. The signs of a dry mouth not only impact your quality of life by making it difficult to speak, but it also can impact your Oral Health. In fact a dry mouth can result in an increase in dental decay and plaque.

  • What are some signs of a dry mouth?

    Signs of a dry mouth include:

    • A sticky, dry feeling in the mouth 
    • Problems chewing, tasting and speaking
    • Bad breath
    • Dry irritated tongue
  • What causes a dry mouth?

    There are a number of factors which could cause a dry mouth. A few of the most common are:

    • Side effect of medication – Medications can cause the salivary gland to produce less saliva and therefore lead to a dry mouth.
    • Multiple Medications – The more medications taken, the more likely you are to have a dry mouth.
    • Disease – Some diseases can affect the salivary glands. e.g. Sjögren’s Syndrome, Diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.
    • Radiation therapy – The salivary glands can be damaged if exposed to radiation during cancer treatment.
    • Chemotherapy – Drugs used to treat cancer can make the saliva thicker, causing the mouth to feel dry.
    • Nerve damage – Injury to the head or neck can damage the nerves that tell the salivary glands to make saliva.
  • Why is saliva so important?

    Saliva provides a ‘first defence’ against chemical, mechanical and infectious attacks. It also:

    • Helps protect your teeth from decay
    • Helps fight against infections by controlling bacteria in the mouth

About Biotène Products

  • How do the biotène range of products work?

    Biotène Moisturising Gel and Moisturising Mouthwash contain a mouth moisturising system that refreshes and moistens the mouth, Biotène Fluoride Toothpaste Fresh Mint provides essential tooth protection for people with a dry mouth and supplements saliva’s natural defences to strengthen teeth.


  • How do I know which biotène product to use?

    The Biotène range provides a line of products that are specially designed for consumers with a dry mouth. The range allows consumers to choose a suitable product or group of products to fit their lifestyle preferences. Always read the product labels, visit the biotène website or speak to a healthcare professional to assist you to make your choice about which products in the range to use.

  • Are Biotène products sugar free and alcohol free?

    Biotène Moisturising Gel and Moisturising Mouthwash are sugar free and alcohol free