Saliva plays an important role in
your overall oral health

Saliva is produced from 6 salivary glands that are located all around your mouth. Combined, they can create up to about 1 litre of saliva a day—that’s enough to fill almost 3 soft drink cans.

A reduction in saliva production
can lead to a dry mouth

A steady flow of saliva keeps your mouth moist. If you notice your mouth is often uncomfortably dry or sticky, you may have a dry mouth. It’s likely that by the time you notice signs, you may have already lost half of the naturally protective saliva in your mouth.

Don’t ignore
dry mouth signs

Without enough saliva to wash away bacteria, you may develop bad breath and tooth decay. You also might find it hard to speak or chew and you may also notice food doesn’t taste like it used to.

elderly women having a conversation
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Your mouth produces up to 1 litre of saliva every day to help keep your mouth moist and healthy. Here are a few other important things saliva does:

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